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Right from its inception SCODA strongly pursued wide membership mobilization and recruitment. SCODA has worked in a number of projects empowering women and children and making communities uphold human rights of the same and of the community at large. We have handled numerous cases ranging from child maintenance, domestic violence, division of matrimonial property, succession, land, rape, defilement, incest, assault, custody, forced marriage, early marriage, neglect, trafficking, child labour, abandonment, confinement, verbal abuse, complaints against advocate and who defraud their clients, complaints against pubic officers and have successfully summoned conflicting parties for mediation, provided legal advice, conducted referrals, accompanied clients, created awareness on legal and human rights, conducted legal clinics in both community and the rented legal advisory center. SCODA has withdrawn 5,500 children from the worst forms of child labour and placing them back to school, supported 520 orphans and vulnerable children in primary schools by providing them with school materials and uniforms and 25 orphan-students by providing them with secondary school fees and other essential school materials.
In 2005 we served as civic education provider for the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission’s education programme in preparation for Kenya’s constitutional referendum.
In 2010, we organized communities into action groups such as child protection committees, anti-trafficking in persons committees, women’s pressure group for advocacy, widows and orphans support groups for care and livelihoods activities and alternative women enterprises for women fish traders. Between 2010 and 2012 SCODA successfully completed AMREF- Maanisha programme in implementing approved HIV/AIDS interventions and currently holds a completion certificate.
In 2012 SCODA acquired a non- profit certificate, representing growth from its prior status as a community based organization. In conjunction we acquired information technology equipment to increase SCODA’S ability to access information, deliver result and reduce operational cost.

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