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Education gives children a chance to build a solid future. It is an important weapon in the battle against inequality and poverty as well as extreme forms of exploitation, such as child labour, human trafficking and child prostitution.

Within the education program, SCODA ensures that children living in remote rural areas and children with special needs, such as children with disability, the girl-child, exploited and orphaned children: - have access to early childhood education and development, primary and secondary education and vocational training. This will be achieved through a number of processes and tools that include:-

• Engagement in critical awareness creation to highlight problems facing our education sector and convince public opinion on the importance of education.
• Lobbying policy makers, development partners and other educational institutions in various areas of education so as to deliver on Kenya’s promise to provide basic education for all by 2018.
• Campaigns and advocacy for, and where possible facilitating access to education for special interest groups such as girls and women, children and people with disabilities and youths in difficult circumstances, especially those from marginalized and disadvantaged communities.
• Enforcement of school attendance laws through legal awareness, advice, advocating for improvement for the general school or learning environment, as well as adequate supply of teaching, resources and facilities.


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