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Children labour, child prostitution, child trafficking, child neglect and abandonment and child sex tourism are extreme forms of exploitation that can be found in Kenya and other east African countries.

Although primarily linked to poverty, social and cultural circumstances also play a role.

SCODA aims to improve the quality of life of deprived children all over the five counties and beyond, regardless of race, faith and/ or political orientation and to have their rights as laid down in The Children Act (Cap 586 Kenyan law) protected and assured in conformance with the UN conventions.

Specifically we look to increase access to and use of quality social and economic services for children in need within the own communities, prevent violations of their rights and respond to emergency situations. SCODA supports, all relevant programs and projects that create better opportunities and supportive environment for children.


 With an integrated approach of prevention, shelter for victims and prosecution of perpetrators, Scoda aims to put to an end this serious violation of children rights by:

  • Rescuing and sheltering children from sexual abuse and exploitative child labour.
  • Creating awareness on child rights and child abuse and in particular sexual abuse.
  • Provide legal aid and medical support for abused children.


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