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The ownership of this plan is with SCODA’S board of management, as they are the organ that bridges SCODA to the external environment and as such understands best. The board will therefore share this plan with key stakeholders, addition to staff members who are expected to also understand and internalize it.

The focus of the board will be to see the development and maintenance of a sound human, financial and material resources base for SCODA. The maintenance of a core pool of highly skilled, competent and motivated staff supported by volunteer pool is essential. SCODA will source the bulk of its funding from its partners and potential partners while working to boost its own independent financial resources like the membership subscription of Ksh 300. There is need for an independent fund raising strategy and implementation of the same in the future.

This will require building the capacity of the board to clearly understand the guide on Organization Development and Systems Strengthening for them to take up their role and pivot SCODA into a self-supporting organization.

Enhanced SCODA secretariat capacity will require among other things;

  1. Reviewed internal human resource policy and procedures to make them more supportive to the activities of scoda.
  2. Periodic assessment of human capacity of the organization.
  3. Enhanced reward and motivation of staffs.
  4. Relevant staff development, including training and capacity enhancement.
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