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SCODA will keep a secretariat of skilled and committed staff; develop management systems that encourage responsive, innovation, transparency and prudent management of resources. The facilities and assets of SCODA will also need to be augmented for effective support of programs and activities. SCODA will ensure that staff roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and that a performance driven and team work culture is inculcated in the organization. Intermittent human resource assessment will be undertaken to identify areas where there are deficiencies and put in place a process of addressing the gaps through staff development interventions, training and external sourcing where deemed appropriate. SCODA will also seek to create an amiable working environment, replete with programs for bonging and rest wherever necessary.

The cross- functional roles of the secretariat will give qualitative and quantitative support to the programs and the overall implementation environment. In effect, key decision makers and program personnel are prompted to move beyond their job descriptions in their thinking and produce creative and integrative insights that bridge their activities in the course of their duties. This will see into it that the principles of gender sensitivity, effective communication and team building are infused at all levels of the organization work.

An enhanced secretariat capacity of SCODA will require among others;

  • Reviewing internal human resource policy and procedures to make them more supportive and responsive to the SCODA’S activities.
  • Periodic assessment of the human capacity of the organization.
  • Enhanced reword and motivation areas for staff.
  • Relevant staff development support in the training and capacity enhancement.
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