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The organization’s activities are run through a structure that puts the community members at the helm of its governance. The overall policy making body is a general assembly which implements its policy through a secretariat appointed by the board of management. The general assembly meets at least once a year; it is conducted through the membership that brings all members consisting of members belonging to paralegal network and action group’s as well as 15 paralegal members to decide on the day to day running affairs of SCODA. It elects the board of management who then hire the secretariat that is answerable to the general assembly and responsible for overseeing the operation of SCODA and setting policy. The function of the secretariat is to serve as a driver of community‘s aspiration. SCODA’S secretariat comprises County program coordinators, field officers, and support staffs.

This set up is institutionalized in order to facilitate the actuation of the community hopes and also mobilize their support for the organization activities.

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