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 SCODA recognizes that for it to be effective in serving its members and implementing its activities, it must develop the appropriate institutional capacity; project management, leadership and governance, resource mobilization and financial management, administration of human resource management, stakeholders involvements, networking and advocacy, sustainability and monitoring and evaluation.

  SCODA also recognizes that as a growing organization, new challenges will emerge that it will need to respond to in a proactive manner including limited finance, increased demand for service by the clients, inability to offer salaries to employees, larger coverage for the available personnel and change of government and transitional adjustment.

The approach of performance management will be the hall mark of the running of SCODA affairs. This model advocates for the appraisal of individual performance, productivity and motivation. As such, it also promulgate the values of participation, diagnosis and improvement of the well being of staff members, critical for showing staff members that they  are valued and trusted.  

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